Company Profile

Aman Ornaments, in its own way, is an inextricable part of the heritage of many families in our great country. 

We are a pioneer in the Silver Jewellery Industry set a Rajkot from 1982. We deal in Rings, Bangles, Anklets/ Payal, Bracelets or Toe rings made of sterling silver. In today’s fast moving world where a thousand products fight for customer’s attention, we are successful in winning the hearts of customers and also in motivating their purchasing interests.

We use a state of the art manufacturing unit that brings cutting edge innovation to Jewellery making, putting the art and purity of jewel above all else. We are the first company to introduce the systematized approach of manufacturing silver Jewellery.

Our Vision

Aman has a strong vision that can never be limited with its exponential growth; vision to meet every customer’s need and deliver beyond expectations consistently.

Our Mission

We at Aman Ornaments untiringly keep on learning and innovating, trying every day to jump beyond the possibility or customers, workers or the company itself.

Inception and Growth

Consistently from the inception of Aman Ornaments with the great sum of excellence it has won many firsts, whether the novelty in technology or the expansion of business or the innovation. Being the pioneer in the industry has been a self- motivating journey for Aman Ornaments.

To mention, Aman Ornaments is the first company to introduce the systematized approach of manufacturing the silver jewellery in the state that introduced the newness of knowing the finer way of experiencing the silver jewellery.

Aman’s business desire is to excel in all the senses. Aman has been lucky enough for the opportunity it gained to rise on top now it is the company which sets the trend by its product. Aman Ornaments production is getting huge day by day which proves that what it endeavors by their product and services.

Infrastructure and Manufacturing

Each and everything produced from the plant is supervised and checked that it stands to its standard. Workforces  are trained for the work for efficient and detailed work. Craftsmanship of the company proves itself as the finished product stands out for itself higher in the market.

The technical supremacy is complimented with founders of Aman’s own sense of engineering to enable its continuous quest for perfection and assurance for quality. Aman’s highly qualified design, development and manufacturing team, is supported by acquisition of world best technology. There are countless glorious aspects of this unique company that sets it to be better than the rest.


All women need grace in their life. Anklets are jewels which add grace and sense of style to their life. Explore different types of anklets from our extensive anklets collection.

Juda Kandora

It adds a finesse to your outfit. We are betrothed and provide a wide gamut of Kandoras. Our products are made with silver and by exemplary quality of craftsmanship.


A Bangle is one of the most important ornaments that an Indian woman wears. For married women, bangles hold a special significance as they are a sign of their “Suhaag”. Let us take a look at our extensive beautiful collection of Bangles.


The wearing of Toe-ring has been practiced in India since ancient times. The husband puts the toe-ring on the second toe of both of the wife’s feet during the wedding ceremony. It is worn as a symbol of the married state by Hindu Women and is called “Bichiya” in Hindi. Toe-rings are usually made of silver and worn in pairs on the second toe of the feet.

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Stylish set stones sparkling with sophistication

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